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We are manufacturer of imitation jewellery raw materials. i.e. fancy , fancy pipes, brass cuttings etc. since last 25 years.

We have started our business in the year 1983. since last 7 years we expanded our business in great extent, now we are in making of fancy ready jewellery i.e. bangles, necklaces, Victoria sets etc. and other accessories.

We also deal in brass components and fancy items used in clothing's and garments.

We are committed to provide greater satisfaction to out customer and expect their support so we can create products as per new samples and designs.

Brass, as a metal, has found a lot of usage in the commercial fashion jewelry market. It is an alloy with 70% copper and 30% zinc. Brass a non-ferrous metal being malleable and ductile has got excellent cold-working but poor hot-working and machining properties.

It is excellent for soft-soldering, good for silver alloy brazing or oxyacetylene welding and fair for resistance or carbon-arc welding. Attractive jewelry is handcrafted from the metal brass and ranges from the sophisticated, modern items to exquisitely crafted designer ones. Brass fashion jewelry made in a medley of designs and finishes is exported the world over.

In today's world, women want jewellery that is produced by manufacturing processes that are environment friendly and cause little pollution. They want Fashion products that are safe and do not cause allergenic responses to the wearer or are a health hazard to the workforce involved in their manufacture. To achieve this, we anchor ourselves with improved technology. Besides this we emphasize on most innovative and spectacular designs.

We, at Bhavna Brass Products have got specialized experts for the range of products we offer. The artwork of the jewellery is done by the string of dexterous artisan & craftsmen we have. Belonging to different parts of the country they add regional- artistic- authenticity to the products. The fashion accessories and utility products that we export are epitome of aesthetic perfection and quality.

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